Here you can find a collection of articles about subjects that are relevant in the context of Crazy Camps. Enjoy the read!

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All these naked people in the pictures! Why??? Let’s address the matter of the nude images scattered throughout the web site, and the occasional glimpse of bare skin in our videos.


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Natural High Most of our gatherings are dubbed ‘Natural High’. But what’s the meaning behind this term?


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Navigating Queer Spaces: A Cishet’s Guide to Diverse Experiences Here are some encouraging tips for navigating Queer spaces.


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A plant-based retreat – does it even make sense? Read this if you’re NOT a vegan :) Even though most Crazy Camp participants are not meat addicts, vegans are a minority. So then why do I put this ‘restriction’ on the Crazy Camps? Read on to see if my reasons are sound or not.


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Your vegan retreat in the mountains Read this if you ARE vegan :) Wouldn’t it be liberating to enjoy the mountains, without having to worry all the time about th ingredients of what you’re eating?


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Top 5 Reasons for not joining a group trip This might come as a surprise to you, but it’s easy for me to formulate the 5 top reasons why I (and maybe you?) would not want to join certain group trips. And how I created an alternative.


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Revitalize Your Journey to Sobriety with Crazy Camps Sometimes life hands us challenges that test our resolve, leading us on journeys that transform us from the inside out. One such journey is the path to sobriety, which comes with its own set of challenges. Travel and social situations can sometimes pose stumbling blocks, making it difficult to enjoy these wonderful aspects of life. Yet, there’s no need to fret, because there’s a refreshing way to escape the humdrum of daily life while maintaining your commitment to sobriety: Crazy Camps!


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The Joy of Uncovering Your Authentic Self: My Perspective on Personal DevelopmentI have often found myself grappling with the concept of personal development. On the one hand, the idea of improving oneself and one’s life can seem appealing or even a manifest goal. But the suggestion that one is somehow not good enough in their present state, sucks. This can be especially true for those of us who already face marginalization in society and the pressures of conforming to certain norms and expectations. But what if personal development were less about becoming “better” or “perfect,” and more about returning to our most authentic selves?