Being part of an inclusive environment: Advice for Cishet Individuals in Diverse Travel Groups

Are you a cishet person and considering joining a Crazy Camp? Be prepared for a higher percentage of Queer participants compared to the general population, fostering a diverse and inclusive atmosphere. Benefit from engaging with people from various backgrounds and perspectives, promoting personal growth. Apply for a Crazy Camp! And remember these useful tips to ensure a comfortable and enriching experience.

Cishet stands for CISgender (having a gender identity which matches the sex one was assigned at birth) and HETerosexual.

Remember We’re All Different

It’s important to know that we are all special, no matter our sexual orientation or gender identity. We all love to travel and see new places. Focus on what we have in common and make everyone in the group feel welcome – we’ll do the same with you.

Understand the power of language

To make everyone feel included, think about the words you use. Don’t guess people’s pronouns, relationships, or experiences. Instead, listen to how they talk about themselves. If you’re not sure about someone’s pronouns or how to talk to them, just ask nicely. Most people will like that you’re trying to be respectful.

Learn About LGBTQIA+ People

It’s important to learn about the LGBTQIA+ community, the endless diversity of people in it, and the problems we face. This helps you understand and talk to your fellow travellers better. We’re all here to learn from each other’s experiences and grow. Even if we don’t have the same background, we can find things we share and enjoy together.

Know Your Privilege

As a cishet person, be aware that you have some advantages in certain situations. You might not have the same problems as your LGBTQIA+ friends, but you can still help and speak up for fairness and equality. Being an ally means always learning, thinking about yourself, and caring for others.

Talk About Yourself

Don’t be afraid to share your own experiences and who you are. Talking about your life and listening to others can help everyone feel more included. Just make sure not to take over the conversation or only talk about yourself.

In the end, being one of the few cishet people in a diverse travel group can help you grow and make strong friendships. By thinking about the words you use, learning more, and being an ally, you can contribute to a friendly and respectful place for everyone.

Until next time, have fun travelling and enjoy the wonderful differences in the world!