Most of our gatherings are dubbed ‘Pure and Clean’. You’ll find the currently planned ones detailed below. But what’s the meaning behind this term?

Natural High

Let’s enjoy a splendid escapade high in the breathtaking Alps, with no need for artificial stimulants! We’ll steer clear of alcohol and other substances, relying on our bodies to produce adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and plenty of oxytocin for an euphoric experience :)

For us, ‘Pure and Clean’ means: zero intoxication – so no alcohol or other drugs. Drug use, besides alcohol, has been exceedingly rare at Crazy Camps. Perhaps one or two members of a group at one or two Crazy Camps have indulged in a joint. As for alcohol, at Crazy Camps that don’t have Balance in their title, it’s not unusual for participants to enjoy a beer or two, or a glass of wine with dinner. Nevertheless, this has always been within reason; out of approximately 50 Crazy Camps to date (as of winter 2024), there have only been 2 or 3 instances where a group member was annoyingly drunk. So, the ‘no stimulants’ designation for most Crazy Camps is a natural progression :) A note about cigarettes/tobacco: ReadCrazy Camps take place in a remote environment with very few sources of human generated smell nuisance. We’re in the middle of nature! If there is a smoker in the group and that person smokes a cigarette outside and then comes back into the hut, the cigarette smell that that person is carrying will be perceived much more strongly by the non-smokers than in a ‘normal’ urban environment. If you are a smoker you are totally welcome at Crazy Camps – and I totally encourage you to minimize your smoking for example by making a small hike alone in the afternoon or evening and having a cigarette during that hike, making sure that there is a bit of time passing between your smoking and your getting back to the group.

Why are alcohol and drugs not popular at Crazy Camps?

We don’t judge alcohol or drug use – in fact, at Crazy Camps, we generally avoid judging altogether :) The essence of Crazy Camps is that you’ll experience a natural state of ‘completeness’ due to the unique elements that make them special:
  • The extraordinary location of our lodgings, nestled high in the awe-inspiring mountains, far from villages and ‘civilisation’
  • A vibrant social environment with diverse, international groups representing various ages, gender identities, nationalities, and more
  • The incredible activities on offer, such as hiking and swimming in the summer or skiing and snowboarding in the winter, alongside crazy group games, meditations, and comfort zone challenges.

What about the cuisine?

I touched on the hormones our bodies produce – at Crazy Camps labelled ‘Balance’, we won’t consume external hormone sources, or in simpler terms: products derived from animals. We’ll relish in plant based nutrition! Even if you’re not vegan, you’ll appreciate the deliciousness and variety of well-prepared vegan dishes :) To learn more, head over to Your vegan retreat in the mountains ??? if you are vegan. Or, if you are not vegan yourself, learn more here: A vegan retreat – does it even make sense?.

Why all these rules?

They’re not rules :) it’s merely commitments we make together. If you’re not keen on abstaining from external stimulants, feel free to sign up for one of the other Crazy Camps instead :)

This upcoming Crazy Camp is ‘Natural High’


Crazy Mountain Balance Camp 2024


Crazy Mountain Balance Camp 2024


In the other Crazy Camps the consumption (but not abuse) of alcohol is OK – yet not common.

Only at Crazy Camps?

You can enjoy the beauty of being in your natural state by visiting one of the increasing number of zero intoxication festivals and events all over the world. Here are some examples: The No Planet B Festival in The Cotswolds, UK Many events at Ruigoord in Amsterdam, NL Buddhafield in Taunton, UK The Varom! Summer Fest near Vilnius, LT The Suntribe Festival near Antwerpen, B The Natural High Festival in Finland And at many Ecstatic Dance across the world.