There is a life changing adventure waiting for you!

What makes Crazy Camps unique?

  • International and very mixed groups
  • Unique remote locations in the heart of nature
  • Cooking, eating & cleaning together
  • Fun and meaningful group activities
  • No sticky couples
  • All your emotions are welcome
  • No pressure to “fit in”
  • Deep connections

Crazy Camps are group adventures for individuals. “Come as you are” is our core value. Crazy Camps strive to be a judgement free environment where you are welcome with the ‘easy’ sides of your personality and the ‘challenging’ parts of your personality. You will experience peer inspiration rather than peer pressure!


The Crazy Camps of Summer 2023 will be announced soon, first to newsletter subscribers!

Which one is the right one?

All three Crazy Camps of this winter have a lot in common – but there are also considerable differences. To help you choose the one that will generate the best experience for you, please use the Winter Widget. Here you answer some simple questions, and you will be presented with the one Crazy Camp that suits you. Or it will, in all honesty, tell you if the right offer for you is not a Crazy Camp… So check it out here!

“The Crazy Camp is one of those unique places where you can play like a child, and grow as a person at the same time.”
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