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The Corona Virus and your Crazy Mountain Camp

For the Crazy Mountain Camp (July 26 – August 1st, 2020) and the Crazy Mountain Balance Camp (August 16-23, 2020) the following special clause applies: if you make the advance payment and either the Crazy Camp can not take place because of governmental regulations in Switzerland, or you can not join because governmental regulations in Switzerland or the country where you reside prevent you from traveling to the Crazy Camp, you will get either a full refund of your advance payment or a voucher for the value of your advance payment to be used for another upcoming Crazy Camp – you choose.

Crazy Mountain Camp

Crazy Mountain Camp July 26 – August 1st, 2020: Crazy Mountain Camp in an amazing location high in the mountains in eastern Switzerland. Mountain
hiking, crazy group games, swimming in wild mountain lakes, simplicity..


Crazy Mountain Balance Camp

Crazy Mountain Balance Camp August 16-23, 2020: Crazy Mountain Balance Camp in an amazing remote valley high in the mountains in Switzerland. Mountain hiking, Yoga and meditations, crazy group games, hot tub, swimming in wild mountain lakes – this adventure will bring you back in balance!


Crazy Snow Camp

Crazy Snow Camp From January 24 till January 30, 2021 (dates to be confirmed) this Crazy Snow Camp will take place in a wonderful winter sports resort in Switzerland. Skiing, snowboarding, crazy group games… And also other snow sports such as nordic skiing and snow shoe hiking.


Crazy Snow Balance Camp

Crazy Snow Balance Camp From March 7 till March 13, 2021 (dates to be confirmed) the Crazy Snow Balance Camp in a wonderful winter sports resort in Switzerland. Skiing, snowboarding, crazy group games, meditation, yoga and massage… be part of it!


Some of the common characteristics of all Crazy Camps:
International and very mixed group · Cooking, eating & cleaning together · Crazy group games · No sticky couples · Lots of fun · Very affordable · Deep connections