So, what is all this about?

Hi, I’m Klaas and I love spending my holidays in a special place, together with a group of great people, doing crazy, fun and meaningful activities! The Crazy Camps are not organised by any travel agencies or for-profit organisatons; I create the trips utilizing my own passion for adventure in tandem with my expertise of enchanting locations across Europe. I hope that you will come and share in the magic and adventure that is Crazy Camps! After you’ve decided which Crazy Camp is most exciting to you, fill out the application form to begin your adventure!

Crazy Camps provide you with a unique travel experience unlike any holiday you’ve had before. Each Camp revolves around a specific theme, ranging from Crazy Snow Camps during the winter, Crazy Mountain Camps during the summer. Mixed international groups of all ages meet together at remote locations for an amazing experience that will push you outside of your comfort zone and bring you closer to nature, fellow travellers, and even yourself.

A founding principle of the Crazy Camp project is to bring together a diverse group of travellers who come together for a week, learn unexpected things about each other, and in turn learn more about themselves. More than just a simple holiday, Crazy Camps take travellers on a magical experience that is centered around fun group activities and discoveries. Together, participants cook, play “crazy” yet meaningful games, and explore the magic of the surrounding area. Everyone who embarks on a Crazy Camp falls in love with the project – but don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonials page.

The activities vary based on your Crazy Camp of choice, but each trip is a guaranteed intense and unique experience. Connect with nature and with your new friends from all over the world because there is one central theme: we’re all in it together. Crazy Camps have hosted participants from over 30 countries and the common language spoken is English. That being said, all you really need to know is a few basic phrases and the universal language of friendship will prevail!

If you’re 18 or older and looking for a life-enriching experience unlike any other, discover more about the Crazy Camp that best suits you! Everyone needs a bit of adventure in their lives, and a Crazy Camp trip will prove to be the adventure of a lifetime! Crazy Camps strive to be a judgement-free zone where everyone is invited and facilitated to show up as their authentic Self. This makes Crazy Camps also par excellence a welcoming place for folks from underrepresented groups and communities facing systemic challenges.

New themes for Crazy Camps are added every now and then, as well as new destinations. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. Follow us on Instagram @crazycamps

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