Let’s address the matter of the nude images scattered throughout our site, and the occasional glimpse of bare skin in our videos.

Are Crazy Camps nudist events?

The question that pops up most often: “Are Crazy Camps nudist events?” The answer is refreshingly straightforward: No. As mentioned in most Crazy Camp descriptions, clothing is an option here. No one is pressurized to shed their clothes, and similarly, there is no obligation to be clothed – at least within the comfort of the hut. In reality, almost all Crazy Campers stay clothed almost all of the time – well, except maybe when taking a shower, if there happens to be one.

Yet, the chance of catching a glimpse of a naked person is not zero. You might see someone who prefers to sleep in their natural state. In that fleeting moment between disrobing and slipping into their sleeping bag, you might spot them. A brief impression in the corner of your eye, nothing more, because we practice respect, not staring.

When we find ourselves at a secluded mountain lake, preparing for a refreshing dip, the choice to wear a swimsuit or not lies entirely with the individual. The same applies to someone who wants to do a quiet part of a hike in the nude, or laze on the grass outside the hut. In the unlikely situation that the lake turns out to be bustling with visitors, we’ll likely avoid the skinny dip option, acknowledging the public’s somewhat complicated relationship with nudity.

Why do I use the term “complicated”? Well, consider this, being nude is the ONLY natural state we’re born into. From our first breath, we’re completely naked! Yet, over the course of centuries, we’ve grown estranged from this primal state, as nudity has been weaponized by religious and patriarchal forces.

This could explain why you may notice the images of naked individuals more than those of clothed ones, despite the latter being the majority. It’s entirely understandable and here’s why:

Uniqueness and Intrigue

Our brains have a knack for being attracted to the unusual and the distinct. The unclothed human form, though inherently natural, isn’t a common sight in day-to-day life. Therefore, it appears more unique and intriguing, drawing your attention more than the images of clothed individuals.

Sexual Reaction

Our primal instincts can associate nudity with arousal and reproduction, some of the most basic yet vital human drives. Even in a non-sexual setting, these ingrained responses may be activated, leading you to focus more on these images. However, remember context is everything! A person dressed provocatively might appear ‘sexy’, sensual or seductive, while a naked person can sometimes have the opposite effect. One thing’s for sure, though: Crazy Camps are not about sexual encounters or orgies.

Taboo Influence

In many cultures, nudity is still perceived as a social taboo. The societal implications and restrictions surrounding it can make it more memorable and striking.

Emotional Impact

Nudity can trigger powerful emotional reactions, and these emotions are linked to memory. Things that stir strong emotions within us are more likely to be remembered and grab our attention. These emotions are, of course, tied to the points mentioned above.

Interesting, isn’t it, how none of these reasons are inherently tied to nudity itself? They’re all born out of societal interpretations and expectations. It’s food for thought!

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So, why these pictures?

Now you probably noticed that the featured images topping our event pages often depict individuals in their natural state. You’re probably wondering, “Why is this?”

Fundamentally, the heart of Crazy Camps is self-acceptance. Within this context, the theme of nudity represents several important ideas. I will explain what nudity represents for me. This explains the symbolic value of the pictures. It does not imply that these should be reasons for you to drop your clothes. Because you don’t have to drop them :) Here we go:


No pretenses, no artifice. Simply the individual, bare and real. When clothes are shed, so are the facades we hide behind. It’s about getting back to the basics, to the pure essence of who you are.


Being vulnerable is about showing up just as you are, with all your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s about standing proud of the things you cherish about yourself and acknowledging those parts that make you feel insecure. At Crazy Camps, we appreciate this honesty, the willingness to be seen just as you are. The real showing up.

Natural Equality

Without clothes, there’s no place for purchased beauty or social disparities manifested through fashion. The only “brand” you sport is your own skin.

Connection with Nature

In the wild, all beings come into existence unadorned, unclad. Only humans shroud themselves in textiles. Nudity represents experiencing nature in a primal, more connected way – just as every non-human animal does.

I emphasise: these are not meant as reasons for you to be nude. They are a description of what values are represented by the images on the Crazy Camp website that show nudity.

In essence, these themes are not just about nudity, but about a deeper connection – to oneself, to others, and to nature. So, when you see these images, remember they are more than just pictures. They are visual expressions of our core values at Crazy Camps.

And now… relax!