Crazy Camp Reunion 2019 May 31 – June 2, 2019: A crazy fun and meaningful long weekend open exclusively for anyone who ever participated in a Crazy Camp! Not in the mountains but in an exciting location close to Amsterdam.

 Crazy Camp Reunion 2019
 May 31 – June 2, 2019
 3 days / 2 nights
 Close to Amsterdam, Netherlands
 historic fortress peninsula
personal privacy
group fun
target # of participants

New connections, renewed connections, workshops, playfulness!


In a way this long weekend will be a condensed version of a Crazy Camp. We’ll be cooking and eating together, hiking, probably swimming, there will be the unique Crazy Camp Slow Sauna, I’ll try to arrange a hot tub… Silly games of course, and a number of fun and meaningful workshops.

The idea is that we don’t hire externs for facilitating the workshops.
So many of us have amazing skills to share! Maybe YOU want to facilitate a workshop?
Maybe you are good at yoga?
Maybe you have this special meditation technique?
Maybe you can teach massage?
Or Shibari? Or Bodypaint?
Or Empathic Listening?
Or Acroyoga?
Maybe you can make us sing mantras?
Guide a storytelling session or a theatre improv session?
Guide a photo shoot?
Maybe you are a Tantra teacher?
Maybe you know some crazy physical games or comfort zone stretchers?
Or something else that I didn’t list?

If so, then please speak up :) Keep in mind that your passion for the subject is much more important than ‘being able to teach in a professional way’.

If you don’t have a workshop to ‘offer’: no problem, it’s not an obligation!


We will be at some 20km from Amsterdam at the edge of a historic village; the star-shaped ancient defence ring around that village is still intact and we will be on one of the points of the star. Apart from the road that passes by our location, it’s basically an island. There is one building where we will sleep. If the weather permits, we will do our workshops and games outside in the grass and under the many trees on the island. If the weather asks for it, we’ll do those inside. We will consider most of the island (the parts that are not visible from the road) and the building ‘clothing optional territory’ (faq).

These are images of a small festival that took place at the same location. And yes, that is the Crazy Camp sauna.

Natural High

Let’s enjoy this amazing weekend without any external stimulants! We will refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs. Our body will take care of generating adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and lots of oxytocin to get us high :) Read more here. All food is vegan.


There is one building on the island and that’s where we will sleep. There are no beds so you’ll have to bring an air mattress and a sleeping bag. There are toilets and a shower. In case of bad weather or chilly evenings, we’ll do activities in the same room where we sleep, so it might be that you’ll have to wrap up your sleeping place in the morning. If we are more than 30 people, we will arrange additional sleeping places in one or more tents. No smoking in the building or in the sauna.

Thursday (May 30) is Ascenscion Day (Holy Thursday / Hemelvaart / Himmelfahrtstag / Día de la Ascensión), bank holiday in lots of European countries. If Friday 31 is not also a day off in your country, you can still enjoy a 4 day trip taking just 1 day off from your work.


The program might look something like this:
Friday: gates open around noon (exact times TBA), so that we all have the possibility to travel from wherever we are. Once most of us arrived, we do some group activities to get in the Crazy Camp vibe. We’ll have a simple meal and in the evening we’ll do some silly games and hopefully enjoy sauna and hot tub. At bed time we’ll create our dorm space and then sleep.
Saturday will start with breakfast and then some yoga and then we’ll make a hike of maybe 4 hours with some surprise activities on the way.
Then in the afternoon and evening workshops, games, sharings… with some cooking/dinner in between :) and again sauna/hot tub. After that: more sweet dreams.
Sunday is a good day for another breakfast, connecting with ourselves and with nature, and a lot of smiling and hugging. Around noon or 13:00 or so we will break up, so that we all have the possibility to travel to wherever we go on Sunday.

Your suggestions for the program are very welcome!

The deal

Your participation in the cost for this Crazy Camp Reunion is estimated to be EUR 90 per person.
or EUR 77 if you are female and you choose to use the Gender Pay Gap Compensation (faq)

After registration you will be asked to make an advance payment of part of the amount.

As a funny little ‘thank you for being there’ you will get either a EUR 20 reduction voucher for the next Crazy Camp that you participate in after this event, or a Crazy Camp t-shirt.

If you really really really can’t make it on Friday, you can also arrive on Saturday. In that case your participation would be EUR 80 cq. EUR 68 instead of EUR 90 / EUR 77

How to get there

We will be some 20km away from Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands. Apart from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport there are nearby airports in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Weeze and Brussels but for environmetal reasons it would be great if you would choose to come by train or bus (Flixbus, Eurolines, Ecolines, Ouibus… hundreds of destinations) or by ride share (arrange with other participants or use BlaBlaCar or alike)

We will arrange a pick-up service from/to Amsterdam Sloterdijk international bus station and Amsterdam Central Station on Thursday and Sunday.

We will use the forum or a facebook group to coordinate the ride shares between participants. There are several ‘hot spots’ where multiple Crazy Camp alumni live (eg. Berlin, Ghent, Zürich, Milan, Cologne, Paris, Zagreb) so it might be feasible to set up ride shares :)