Some of our events are labeled ‘Natural High’. The currently planned ones are listed below. But what does it actually mean?

Natural High

Let’s enjoy an amazing adventure high in the Alps without any external stimulants! We will refrain from consuming alcohol and other drugs. Our body will take care of generating adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and lots of oxytocin to get us high :)

For us, ‘Natural High’ or ‘Naturally High’ means: zero intoxication – no alcohol or other drugs.

The use of drugs other than alcohol has been very rare at Crazy Camps, maybe at one or two Crazy Camps some one or two group members have been smoking a joint. So from that perspective the ‘Natural High’ thing is hardly something new. As for alcohol however, it is not uncommon that people have a beer after a hike, or some wine at dinner. This has always been in a reasonable way; in all around 45 Crazy Camps so far (as per winter 2023) there have been only 2 or 3 moments where one of the group members was annoyingly drunk.

Therefore proclaiming the ‘Natural High’ status for some of the Crazy Camps is not a big step :)

Some words about cigarettes/tobacco: ReadCrazy Camps take place in a remote environment with very few sources of human generated smell nuisance. We’re in the middle of nature! If there is a smoker in the group and that person smokes a cigarette outside and then comes back into the hut, the cigarette smell that that person is carrying will be perceived much more strongly by the non-smokers than in a ‘normal’ urban environment. If you are a smoker you are totally welcome at Crazy Camps – and I totally encourage you to minimize your smoking for example by making a small hike alone in the afternoon or evening and having a cigarette during that hike, making sure that there is a bit of time passing between your smoking and your getting back to the group.

Why are alcohol and drugs not popular at Crazy Camps?

We’re not judging the use of alcohol and other drugs – in general at Crazy Camps there is not much judgement going on anyway :)

The thing is that at any Crazy Camp you will get naturally high because of everything that makes Crazy Camps unique:

  • the amazing location of the accommodations, high in the overwhelmingly beautiful mountains, far away from villages and ‘civilisation’
  • the amazing social context with our mixed international groups with diversity in age, gender identification, nationality, etc.
  • the amazing activities, including hiking and swimming in summer and skiing and snowboarding in winter and on top of that the crazy group games, the meditations, the comfort zone stretchers, etc.

What about food?

I mentioned the hormones that our body generates – in the Crazy Camps that are labeled ‘Natural High’ we will not consume external hormone resources, in other words: products of animal origin. We’ll eat/drink vegan! If you’re not vegan yourself, you’ll enjoy the yumminess and diversity of well-prepared vegan food :) If you want to read more about this, go to Your vegan retreat in the mountains 💖💛💙

Why all these rules?

They aren’t rules :) it’s simply our commitment. If you don’t want to commit to refraining from taking external stimulants, simply sign up for one of the other Crazy Camps :)

This selection of Crazy Camps is ‘Natural High’

Crazy Ski Balance Camp general visual

Crazy Ski Balance Camp 2023 Winter sports in a marvelous ski resort, and finding balance in your body!
Skiing, snowboarding, community, meditation, yoga and massage…
You will love this adventure in snow paradise. Join!
February 5 until February 11, 2023 

≡ Choose this one for skiing/snowboarding combined with yoga, meditation etc. ≡


Crazy Snow Balance Camp general visual

Crazy Snow Balance Camp 2023 How would it feel to enjoy the snow, together with people that value your authenticity?
Conscious winter sports in an empty valley, meditation, yoga and bodywork…
Do you feel the temptation?
Be part of this transformative experience!
February 12 until February 18, 2023 

≡ Choose this one for the most zen, most exciting and most immersive experience. ≡


In the other Crazy Camps the consumption (but not abuse) of alcohol is OK

Only at Crazy Camps?

You can enjoy the beauty of being in your natural state by visiting one of the increasing number of zero intoxication festivals and events all over the world.
Here are some examples:
The No Planet B Festival in The Cotswolds, UK
Many events at Ruigoord in Amsterdam, NL
Buddhafield in Taunton, UK
The Varom! Summer Fest near Vilnius, LT
The Suntribe Festival near Antwerpen, B
The Natural High Festival in Finland
And at many Ecstatic Dance across the world.