Come SNOW with us!
Crazy Snow Camp From March 10 till March 16, 2019 this Crazy Snow Camp took place in a wonderful winter sports resort in Switzerland. Skiing, snowboarding, other snow sports, crazy group games, moonlit hikes…

Break away from your daily routines and your daily social environment. Cut the cables! Imagine yourself in a remote place in overwhelmingly beautiful nature. Loose control & find yourself. Enjoy being who you really are. Share this unique and intense experience with a very diverse group, people of all ages and nationalities.
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past event: 
 Crazy Snow Camp Switzerland March 2019 Edition
 March 10 till March 16, 2018
 6 days/nights
 Central Switzerland
 simple mountain hut high on the mountain
personal privacy
group fun
target # of participants
skiing, snowboarding
activities for non-skiers/snowboarders

This event has taken place in March 2019 and therefore is history. So you can not sign up for this event anymore.

All Snow Sporters Unite! Perfect skiing/snowboarding; nordic skiing, snow shoe hiking… It’s all possible here.


We will be in a simple mountain hut right at the slopes, just for our group, in an exciting skiing area in Central Switzerland, thus not in a village but on the mountain, and you can only get there by going up with the cable car and then ski, snowboard or walk to the hut. In the daytime we will be doing snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding in this beautiful area with ‘on top of the world’ feeling. In the evening we will organize crazy group games and we’ll cook and eat together etc. The Crazy Snow Camp will be an unforgettable snow adventure!


Our mountain hut is at an altitude of 1300m and right at the slopes (ski-in/ski-out). The ski area is not super big and not super small. There are several skilifts, chair lifts and a cable cars. Blue, red and black slopes; ski routes etc. Total vertical drop is almost 2.000m. That is huge! Right at our doorstep is a ski lift with a beginners slope as well as nordic skiing tracks and good snowshoe possibilities. That makes this Crazy Snow Camp the place to be for all snow lovers, not just skiers and snowboarders!


The mountain hut is made of wood and consists of two dorm rooms, a kitchen/living/dining area, a toilet and shower. The location is amazing, on a small plateau with forests around, far away from the villages with only some odd huts as neighbours. After breakfast: take your skis or snowboard and you’ll be the first on the slopes! . In general you will have very limited personal privacy and you will be surprised how fast you will feel at ease with everybody, in a place where you can simply be who you are, far away from your day to day environment and habitudes. No smoking in the house or on the balcony. Bring a sleeping bag.

Snow sports

In the daytime most of us will be skiing or snowboarding. This can be individually and we will do some things as a group. In previous Crazy Snow Camps it turned out that the participants enjoy shredding the slopes together, teaching each other some ski/board skills, etc. This Crazy Snow Camp is good for beginners and for experienced skiers. Right in front of the house there are nordic skiing (langlauf/cross country) trails as well as snow shoe trails – and downhill ski/snowboard slopes.
Please keep in mind that SNOW comes from NATURE so there is no guarantee for the amount of snow that will be there and for example no guarantee that these trails will be open and that all lifts will be working. This having said, we’ll be in one of Switzerland’s most reliable resorts, that usually closes in… May!
Also we will be doing some simple, fun, creative flash-mob style challenges – and don’t worry if you are not a creative person, you will surprise yourself.
At the end of the day and in the evenings we will be automatically together (we’re high on the slopes, there is nowhere else to go!) so we will make our own après ski. This will start with cooking, eating and cleaning together. There will be surprising group games, yoga-ish stuff and so on. Basically everybody is expected to participate in the group life at the end of the day and in the evening (faq).


There is space and time for workshop-like activities, so if you would like to share some of your knowledge or skills, feel free! Maybe you want to teach us some capoeira, do a photoshoot or make us sing the traditionals of your native culture? Just some ideas… it really can be anything. Another fun activity that we’ll be doing together is… cooking! (and cleaning afterwards…)

Food and Drinks

Cooking will be done by the group and for the group; no à la carte service :) Because we are high in the mountains, our resources are limited and we’ll all have to be flexible. If you are very precise/specific with your food, then this is not the right experience for you, sorry. Read Details About Diets And Restrictions1. Gluten: Usually meals are low on gluten but if you have a hard core allergy, you’re not safe. At breakfast there is oatmeal as an option. 2. Nuts: Can usually be left out of meals/served apart but if you have a hard core allergy, you’re not safe. 3. Sugar/Diabetes: Usually things are without sugar. However you will not be able to follow that precisely engineered menu that your dietician wants you to follow.
The provided food is vegan. Read Food DetailsThe provided food is vegan. It is OK if you bring dairy products yourself but no meat/chicken/fish/seafood please. Keep in mind that there are no cooling facilities.
The provided drinks are non-alcoholic. Read Alcohol DetailsThe provided drinks are non-alcoholic. However it is OK if you bring some alcoholics yourself or have a beer on a terrace during the day. Just don’t be drunk and annoying.

The deal

Your participation in the cost for these 6 days and nights is EUR 350 per person for accommodation, food (that we will cook together) and tourist taxes.
or EUR 295 if you are female and you choose to use the Gender Pay Gap Compensation (faq)

That is cheap! However, don’t come if you are only interested in an affordable holiday. The Crazy Snow Camp is all about the group, spending fun evenings together, doing crazy games, and enjoying the mountains together!

What is included/provided and what is not?
+ Accommodation
+ Breakfast
+ Simple lunch (sandwiches, leftovers of yesterdays dinner)
+ Dinner (we will cook together; food will be mainly vegetarian)
+ Coffee, tea, milk, water, juice
Snacks, fruit, energy bars, energy drinks, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages
+ Tourist taxes
Sleeping bags
Skipass, equipment rental
Parking fees in the village if you come by car
+ Unforgettable fun

Should the exchange rate between EUR and SFR change dramatically, I will have to adapt these amounts.


If you are a couple, please understand that in the Crazy Snow Camp you can not behave like a couple. In general the beds are allocated through a lottery (faq) and we’re all sleeping in one big space. And you are expected to participate in all activities and group life as individuals and not as a couple. Yes you will be hugging – in the numerous group hugs! So be prepared to sit each at opposite sides of the table during dinner, and accept that someone other than yourself might be giving your partner a massage of the sour muscles.

How to get there

We will be in central Switzerland. Distance from Zürich airport is 100km, Geneva airport 300km, Basel/Mulhouse airport at 150km, Milano airports at 250 km. Easy to reach by train. From The Netherlands (and either Belgium/Luxemburg/Nancy or NRW/FFM) there might be a ride share available, approx. EUR 85 two-way per person. (faq)Most probably, as time passes by, ride shares from other directions will be added.
From the village where we will meet we will go up by cable car.

Switzerland is member of the Schengen agreement. If you can travel in any other Schengen country, you can travel in Switzerland.

Don’t miss these 6 nights of epic snow fun!


If you want to participate in this event, then you’re out of luck… It is a past event! Please check out the other upcoming Crazy Camps or sign up for the newsletter and I’ll keep you updated about new Crazy Camps.

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