Here is an overview of the upcoming Crazy Camps.

There is an adventure waiting for you!
The 2019 program is not yet complete! More Crazy Mountain Camps will be added, as well as Crazy Snow Camps in 2019/2020.

Some of the common characteristics of all Crazy Camps are:
International and very mixed group · Cooking, eating & cleaning together · Crazy group games · No sticky couples · Lots of fun · Very affordable.

Crazy Snow Balance CampCrazy Snow Balance Camp – Switzerland 2019 edition, February 3-9, 2019 high above the valley, right at the slope: the mountain is ours, the snow is ours! Skiing, snowboarding, mind&body, yoga, meditation, epic fun. Read more

Crazy Snow CampCrazy Snow Camp March 10- 16, 2019 All Snow Sporters Unite! Perfect skiing/snowboarding; nordic skiing, snow shoe hiking… and then relax in the sauna! Read more

Crazy Mountain Balance CampCrazy Mountain Balance Camp July 2019: Crazy Mountain Balance Camp in an amazing remote valley high in the mountains in Switzerland. Mountain hiking, Yoga and meditations, crazy group games, hot tub, swimming in wild mountain lakes – this adventure will bring you back in balance! Read more

And in the new category Personal Development:

Crazy Sensual Journey Camp 2018Crazy Sensual Journey Camp 2018 September 15 – 22, 2018 : exploring our Senses through fun and meaningful workshops; swimming in our pool and in mountain streams, hiking… Happiness in the astonishing hills of Tuscany in Italy! A co-creation with Sprout Love and Yani Verse of Intimacy Unleashed. Read more