Come FEEL the mountains!
cmc July 4 till July 9, 2016 the Crazy Mountain Camp took place in a remote valley in central Switzerland. Long mountain hikes every day; crazy group games, hot tub, spending a week in a unique location!

Break away from your daily routines and your daily social environment. Cut the cables! Imagine yourself in a remote place in overwhelmingly beautiful nature. Loose control & find yourself. Enjoy being who you really are. Share this unique and intense experience with a very diverse group, people of all ages and nationalities.
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 Crazy Mountain Camp -intense- Switzerland July 2016
 July 4 till 9, 2016
 5 days/nights
 Central Switzerland
 simple mountain hut in the middle of nowhere
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group fun
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This event has taken place in July 2016 and is history. So you can not sign up for this event anymore.

Don’t just visit the mountains. Feel the mountains! Be part of it! Immerse yourself in the overwhelming alpine nature, together with an international group of likeminded people!


We’ll have a mountain hut just for our group in a remote valley in the Alps, at an altitude of 1.500m and far away from “civilisation”. In the daytime we will be hiking in the overwhelming mountain landscapes with picnics and a bit of swimming in wild mountain lakes. Also we will learn things about the unique culture of the Swiss summer farmers. In the evening we will organize crazy group games, cook and eat together, we’ll enjoy the sunset while having a glass in our outdoor hot tub etc. The Crazy Mountain Camp will be an amazing adventure!


We will be in a simple mountain hut, far away from the noise and rumble of cities and villages, in the middle of beautiful nature: mountains with peaks of up to 3.200 metres above sea level, canyons, rivers, fields and forests. There are no villages in this valley; there are only some summer farms here and there where the farmers make cheese from the milk of the cows that stay on the high fields during summer (more about seasonal migration in the Alps here).
From our hut, it is an almost two hour walk to get to the nearest village. In that village there is a bus stop; the bus connects to a railway station. There is no public road for cars in our valley. The hut can be reached by mountain bike as well.

See pictures of a previous Crazy Mountain Camp at this same location here on tumblr.
Crazy Mountain Camp location


The wooden hut is simple and reflects the life style of the summer farmers. All beds are in one big sleeping room. There is an open kitchen with a wood stove and there is a toilet. Outside is the hot tub. Please do not expect luxury things like comfort, privacy or mobile network coverage. There will be max. 14 people in our group. No smoking in the house or in the hot tub.

Mountain hiking

The days in the Crazy Mountain Camp will be dedicated to mountain hiking. Not mountaineering; no ropes, crampons or helmets. But quite intense: every day an 8 to 12 hours long hike! More info on the trail classifications (T1 etc.) here. Please do read!

There is a hiking program set up but it is not an obligation to participate; if you are a seasoned mountaineer you might prefer to go rock climbing by yourself instead of hiking with our group. In general everybody is expected to participate in the group life at the end of the day and in the evening. (faq)

The program might look something like this:
First day We’ll all meet in the afternoon at the bus stop in the village. Walking up to the hut (T1). Luggage can be brought by car (but not all the way to the house, still some 5 mins to walk with luggage).
Second day An easy hike that is not over steep slopes and always on non-challenging trails (T1 and T2). We will have a picnic in the fields, enjoy the magnificent views and visit the cheese production facilities of one of the summer farms. This day will allow all ‘lowlanders’ to acclimatize to the altitude.
Third day A longer hike, technically more challenging also (T3). We will leave a bit earlier in the morning, hike to a small mountain lake, picnic and have a swim. If we feel fit, we will hike to a 2.500m high summit, and we will hike back to our hut.
Fourth day We’ll not go higher than 2.400 meters, but this is technically the most challenging and most exposed hike, including a ridge with amazing views to all sides (T3 and T4).
Fifth day From the hut we will directly ascend a summit that is ‘only’ 2.350m high, but the ascent is steep. The hike to the summit and at the other side down (intermezzo at a lake) and then back through the valley will take us all day.
Sixth day Vacate the hut in the morning, than optionally an easy hike (T2) for example to a small museum that explains the life of the summer farmers. We might also be using one of the 3 small cable cars that connect the summer farms with the valley down below. These cable cars are small, steep and low-tech, not to be compared with the cable cars in eg. ski resorts.
After this hike: the farewell group hug!

Am I fit enough?

Weather conditions in the mountains can change fast and often. For this reason, the program can be changed according to what is safe and enjoyable.

Please keep the following in mind: the Crazy Mountain Camp is more a social event than a sportive event. The ‘weakest’ group member will set the pace. If you are a very sporty guy/girl that gets nervous if you have to hike a bit slower and/or have a pause more often than what you’re used to, you might be a problem for yourself and for the group.



Although the Crazy Mountain Camp is intended to be a relaxed, non-competitive event, mountain hiking is a sports activity that demands some extra attention for two reasons: altitude and safety. You don’t really need to have experience in mountain hiking, but you will need a fair condition, good mountain hiking shoes, a daypack, a water bottle, rain protection and some warm ‘layers’. A pair of hiking poles is helpful but not a necessity. If you suffer from vertigo or acrophobia, our hiking program will not make you feel happy.

What if I love mountains but don’t want to join that ‘serious’ hiking?

I really like the whole idea and I would really like to join, but I’m really not into all this T3 and T4 hiking. Are there options for me?
Yes, join one of the other Crazy Mountain Camps!


There is space and time for workshop-like activities, so if you would like to share some of your knowledge or skills, feel free! Maybe you want to teach us some capoeira, do a photo session, or make us sing the traditionals of your native culture? Just some ideas… it really can be anything. Another fun activity that we’ll be doing together is… cooking! (and cleaning afterwards…)

The deal

Your participation in the cost for these 5 days and nights is EUR 275 per person for accommodation, food (that we will cook together) and tourist taxes. or EUR 234 if you are female and you choose to make use of the Gender Pay Gap Compensation (faq)
That is cheap! However, don’t come if you are only interested in an affordable holiday. The Crazy Mountain Camp is all about the group, spending fun evenings together, doing crazy games, and enjoying the mountains together!

What is included/provided and what is not?
+ Accommodation
+ Breakfast
+ Simple lunch (sandwiches, leftovers of yesterdays dinner)
+ Dinner (we will cook together)
+ Coffee, tea, milk, water, juice
Snacks, fruit, energy bars, energy drinks, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages
+ Tourist taxes
Sleeping bags
+ Unforgettable fun


If you are a couple, please understand that in the Crazy Mountain Camp you can not behave like a couple. In general the beds are allocated through a lottery (faq) and we’re all sleeping in one big space. And you are expected to participate in all activities and group life as individuals and not as a couple. Yes you will be hugging – in the numerous group hugs! So be prepared to sit each at the other side of the group table during dinner, and accept that someone else than yourself might be giving your partner a massage of the sour muscles.

How to get there

We will be in the very heart of Switzerland, in one of the Cantons that founded Switzerland (Federal Charter of 1291). Zürich airport is at 100km, Basel airport at 155km, Geneva 330km, Milan at 215km. Excellent train connections (and then one bus) from mayor cities in Europe.

From Benelux (and NRW or Alsace) there is a ride share available (faq), approx. EUR 80 two-way per person. Most probably, as time passes by, ride shares from other directions will be added.

Switzerland is member of the Schengen agreement. If you can travel in any other Schengen country, you can travel in Switzerland.

Don’t miss these 5 nights in the mountains!

The Crazy Mountain Camp -intense- is at the same location as (and ends directly before) the Crazy Mountain Balance Camp so you might consider joining both – this would make you stay 12 days/nights at this proper awesome location. However, you would be doing most hikes twice. If you do join both, you’ll get EUR 50 reduction on the total.


If you want to participate in this event, then you’re out of luck… It is a past event! Please check out the other upcoming Crazy Camps or sign up for the newsletter and I’ll keep you updated about new Crazy Camps.

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