An amazing week in the forests of the Massif Central in France. Hiking, water, crazy games, sauna. Simplicity and Happiness!

Crazy fun adventure travel in the forest and hills! Disconnect from the buzz – Connect with nature!

past event:
 Crazy Forest Dreams Camp
 May 17 till May 23, 2015
 6 days/nights
 Aveyron region, Massif Central, France
 All together in a group tent!
personal privacy
group fun
target # of participants

No electriicity, no tv, no computers, no stress. Forest. Rivers. Hills. Happiness!

This event has taken place in February/March 2015 and therefore is history. So you can not sign up for this event anymore

The Crazy Forest Dreams Camp will be held within the forests and hills of the Aveyron region on the edge of Massif Central in France. Once we arrive, we will embark on a week of simple-living and unadulterated happiness. During the day we will explore the pristine surroundings by way of hiking, stopping to swim and enjoying the fresh waters. You can engage in group meditations, massages, and energy work to recenter and rebalance the mind, body, and soul. There will also be time to visit medieval castles and buildings in the area. Each day will conclude with crazy games, moonlit hikes, and a relaxing sauna experience before going to sleep in our group tent. Like any other Crazy Camp, the Crazy Forest Dreams Camp will be an intense and unforgettable experience.


Our private camp site is not far away from the river Tarn (where we will have a dip) and in the middle of the forest in the beautiful hills of the Aveyron forests. We can relive the pre-modern era by simply taking a stroll through neighbouring villages or farms, most of which are partially abandoned. We will truly get a chance to experience the joy of being alone in the forest! Some of what makes Crazy Camps unique is the mystery of the exact location of the trip. However, to give you an idea of where the Crazy Forest Dreams Camp will occur, we will be located between the Tarn River (250m) and the highest hills (700m above sea level). The many curves of the Tarn and its tributaries create an amazing landscape with a combination of steep slopes and rolling hills.


Our secret little spot in the Aveyron forest consists of a group tent for sleeping (bring a mattress or sleeping bag), a living space tent, and a sauna tent. The campsite is primitive, which allows you to enjoy the moment and let go of any stress. It is the Crazy Camp philosophy to abandon traditional comforts like privacy and network coverage, to just focus on the luxury of living life. Within the camp, clothing is optional (faq), however smoking is not allowed. Together we can fetch drinking water about 100m away, and cooking will be done over a wood fire. It is not necessary to bring your own tent, as a group tent is provided for you!


Throughout the day, we will be hiking in the forest, learning about the various plant species and how they can be utilized, and also having fun in any waters or streams we stumble upon. Additionally, we will get the chance to visit an impressive medieval castle that sits on a hill high above the Tarn. Whenever we wish, we can practice meditation, energy work, and massage sessions.
Important to the Crazy Forest Dream Camp is preparing and enjoying delicious meals together that are inspired by traditional Aveyron cuisine. After collectively cleaning up from our meal, we will have the chance to play “crazy” games, relax in the sauna, embark on a treasure hunt, or simply enjoy a moonlit stroll. There is also a possibility of a canoe/kayak tour (to be confirmed).


At the Crazy Forest Dream Camp, we want to encourage participant’s natural talents and abilities. If you have a particular skill set you wish you share, feel free! Whether you’re interested in teaching the group capoeira, want to capture a unique photo session, or even feel like showing us traditional songs from your native culture, you are welcome to share! There are no limits on what can participants can learn in the Crazy Camp workshops.


If we complete 16 people, the price for these 6 days and nights is only EUR 220* per person for accommodation, food (that we will cook together) and fun. If you’re simply looking for an affordable holiday, then Crazy Camps is not for you. The Crazy Camp is all about the group, spending fun evenings together, doing crazy games, and enjoying nature together! So if that sounds like you, then come along on the Crazy Forest Dreams Camp!
* New payment structure: Pay What You Want! You will pay the advance payment as the floor price. At the end of the Crazy Forest Dreams Camp you will decide how much it was worth for you, and you pay accordingly. Of course, I hope that you will pay the normal price of EUR 220 (incl. EUR 110 advance payment) but it is not an obligation.

What is included/provided and what is not?
+ Accommodation in the group tent
+ Breakfast
+ Simple lunch
+ Dinner (we will cook together)
+ Coffee, tea, milk, water, juice, a glass of wine at dinner
Snacks, fruit, energy bars, energy drinks, soft drinks, other alcoholic beverages
(Air) mattress
Sleeping bags
Canoe tour
+ Entrance fee for mediaeval castle
+ Unforgettable fun


If you are a couple, please understand that in the Crazy Forest Dreams Camp you can not behave like a couple. You can get neighbouring places in the group tent if you want (in general the places are allocated through a lottery (faq) but apart from that, you are expected to participate in all activities and group life as individuals and not as a couple. Yes you will be hugging – in the numerous group hugs! So be prepared to sit each at the opposite end of the group table during dinner, and accept that someone else than yourself might be giving a salt scrub to your partner in the sauna.

How to get there

The Crazy Forest Dreams Camp is at 50 kilometres from the nearest train station (Rodez). Rodez is also the nearest international airport. Other airports nearby are Castres (at 90km), Toulouse at 140 and Montpellier and Béziers at 160 kilometres. From Amsterdam/Antwerp/Lille/Paris a ride share is available (approx. EUR 110 per person two-way). As the Crazy Forest Dreams Camp approaches, we will try to organise more ride shares among the participants.


If you want to participate in this event, then you’re out of luck… It is a past event! Please check out the other upcoming Crazy Camps or sign up for the newsletter and I’ll keep you updated about new Crazy Camps.

Confirmed participants of the Crazy Forest Dreams Camp

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