There is so much going on inside you!

Much more than what you are aware of. Sometimes it is really liberating to simply speak out what is present inside you – especially if no one judges your words, and no one tries to silence you (eg. through consoling) and no one suggests solutions. You can just give space to your thoughts and feelings.

That is what 5-minute sharings are about. Two people. One speaks during 5 minutes while the other listens. After that, they switch roles and again 5 minutes. Or, in a group: one speaks during 5 minutes and the others listen; then the next person speaks, etc. The speaker expresses whatever is present inside them at that specific moment.

The concept is super simple and super powerful. If you are not familiar with 5-minute sharings, then please watch this video, it hopefully makes things clear. Article continues below the video.

We often do 5-minute sharings during Crazy Camps and most people love it. You’ll love it too!