A series of playful & meaningful online events just how you would expect them from crazycamp.org :)

We started Friday, 12 February 2021, at 21:00. The duration of the meetings will be around one hour and a half, maybe two hours.


Every event will start with a simple meditation, and after that, every session is different. Subjects include hilarious relaxing games, cooking, sustainability, crossdressing, workshops, energisers, deep sharings, dance, creativity, and many more. 

Several meetings will ask for a tiny bit of preparation on your side (which makes it even more fun and interesting!), and you will have to announce your attendance.


Your first one is free; you need a subscription for the rest. The subscription is EUR 20 per month (see the small print at the bottom of this page). For every 3 months of your participation, you receive a EUR 20 reduction voucher for a Crazy Camp of your choice. The 5 most frequent participants of this online series can participate in a lottery with prizes: a beautiful longboard and free participation in an upcoming Crazy Mountain Camp or Crazy Snow Camp! 

There will be 2 online meetings per week, so your one month of subscription gives you access to at least 8 meetings. You don’t need to follow all meetings; they are all sovereign events.

Whenever we don’t need specific Zoom features, we will use a more secure solution based on a server in Europe. You don’t need software for this (at least not on your desktop). Only when specific Zoom features are required, we will use Zoom.


Here is the program for February 2021:

  • Friday 12 February at 21:00 CET
    a short meditation; an icebreaker game; a scavenger hunt; closing game [finished, we had 9 participants]
  • Tuesday 16 February at 20:30 CET
    a short meditation; a longer, guided meditation ‘how to deal with fear’; musical chairs game
  • Friday 19 February at 21:00 CET
    a short meditation; community drawing with body parts; sharing ‘my most exciting memory.’
  • Tuesday 23 February at 20:30 CET
    a short meditation; a longer, guided meditation for slowing down; sharing ‘what I am proud of.’
  • Friday 26 February at 21:00 CET
    a short meditation; a meditation for grounding; 5-minute sharing (5 minutes per person, see info here.)

If different days/times are better for you, please let me know.
Do you have ideas for online meetings? Or do you want to host (part of) a session yourself? Please reach out to me.


Please sign up with the form below! Don’t forget that your first event is free, but you have to register anyway. Upon your registration you will receive the online event link and info if you need to prepare in some way. Also you will receive payment info (unless you only register for your first one).

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If you did not participate in one of my events before, please give some information about yourself and/or the URL of your social media profile. Thank you!

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Here is the subscription small print: your first meeting is not part of the subscription. For the events after that: the subscription starts at the moment you make your payment and send me proof of payment and the subscription is renewed every month at that date. You can cancel latest one week before the next term starts. The subscription ends automatically if the Crazy Camp Online Events offer lowers its frequency or ends to exist.