Spend a week in a special place, together with a group of great people, doing crazy, fun activities!

The Crazy Camps are not like any holiday you had before. Mixed international groups at remote locations having an amazing and crazy time together! Every Crazy Camp is an intense and unique experience. There are many locations and many themes to choose from!

Crazy Camps

Take the quiz and maybe you will win an epic week of fun and adventure in one of 2016’s Crazy Camps!

What can you win?

From all correct entries, I will randomly draw a name and I will present to that winner 3 Crazy Camps from which he/she can choose one to participate for free (with the exception of things that are not included in the normal fee for that Crazy Camp). If there are more than 100 entries, I will draw 2 names; if there are more than 200 entries I will draw 3 names etc. with a maximum of 5. I will do the draw in the second week of January 2016.
The prize can not be transferred and it cannot be reimbursed or exchanged for money or another value. No discussion about the draw or the prize. You have to be 18 years of age or older to participate in this quiz. This quiz is open only for people that have not participated in a Crazy Camp before.

How does this quiz work?

This is the deal. The maps below show all Crazy Camps that are planned in 2016. In order to participate in the prize draw, follow these steps. Closing date is January 8, 2016.

  1. The quiz itself: check out the form below and fill in your answers: which letter on the map corresponds with which Crazy Camp that has its starting date in 2016?

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  3. If you don’t have a Facebook account:

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      “I participated in the quiz and maybe I’ll win a crazy, fun travel adventure at one of the upcoming Crazy Camps! Take the quiz and see if you win!” Or you can do this on your VK timeline.
    • Fill in the URL of your blog entry in the form below.

So here we go:

Small hint: there is no need for guessing. All information that you need to find the right answers is available in this web site.




Please fill in the full names of the Crazy Camps.

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