Crazy Camps – crazy fun adventure travel

Spend a week in a special place, together with a group of great people, doing crazy, fun activities!

The Crazy Camps are not like any holiday you had before. Mixed international groups at remote locations having an amazing and crazy time together! Every Crazy Camp is an intense and unique experience. This is not a marketing slogan. Check the testimonials to read what previous Crazy Camp participants have to say about that.

The Crazy Camps are around a specific theme, for example: the Crazy Snow Camps are all about winter sports whereas Crazy Mountain Camps are all about mountain hiking in summer. And there are more themes.

Just as important as the theme of the Crazy Camps, is the fact that we’re all doing this as a group. It is such an amazing experience to get together with a group of ‘strangers’ and to hang out together for a week, learning unexpected things about each other and about ourselves. For most – if not all – participants the Crazy Camps turned out to be a magic experience rather than just a cool holiday. We are doing lots of things together, such as cooking, eating, and cleaning; wellness and crazy games. In the daytime there is time to go your own way but you’ll see that it’s a lot more fun to team up with the other group members. This means that the Crazy Camp participants are often skiing/snowboarding together or hiking together etc.
Crazy Camps are open for everybody of 18 years and older. Some facts about the participants so far: 51% female, 49% male; the average age is 33 (the youngest participant was 19 and the oldest was 56); 68% is single, 24% travelling without their partner and 8% participated as a couple. 31 Different nationalities from 4 continents with 44% not living in their country of origin. So it seems that the Crazy Camps are crazy fun adventure travel but also a bit holidays for singles and a bit expat travel. A great way to meet new people!

The common language in the Crazy Camps usually is English. However, most of us are not native speakers and you really don’t need to be good at English. Even if you know only 20 words, you will manage fine!

New themes for Crazy Camps are being added, as well as new destinations. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated!

The Crazy Camps are not organised by some travel agency or for-profit company. I organise this because I enjoy it so much. I hope that you will come to enjoy as well!