Terms and Conditions of , here referred to as ‘the Association’. The Association was founded by means of notarial deed and registered at the Public Register of Associations in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) under number 66024757.

The elements with a blue background are only relevant if you sign up for cq. while you are participating in one of our activities.

By using our web site and/or signing up for cq. participating in one or more of our activities, you agree with the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement:

Privacy Statement

As the Association is registered in The Netherlands and is subject to Dutch laws, the full Privacy Statement is in Dutch. The translation presented here is accurate but not official. In case of a dispute the original Dutch text is binding (it can be found here).

By our best knowledge our Privacy Statement is GDPR-compliant.

The Association is responsible for processing your personal data as explained in this Privacy Statement.

What data do we process?
The Association processes your personal data that you provided us with or that are generated by using our web site or during our activities. We process the following information:
-First- and last name
-Gender identification
-Date of birth
-Telephone number
-Email address
-Data about your activities on our web site
-Device details and browser data
-Bank account
-Details about your participation in our activities, eg. date of application and special requests
-Audiovisual material in which you appear and that is created during our activities that you participate in, and for example a small portrait image that you have provided us with or that we have encountered on the internet.
-Other personal data that you actively provide us with for example by creating an account, in written/email correspondence, by filling out forms and by telephone.

We do not try to collect data of people younger than 16 years; however we can not check the age of our web site visitors so we don’t assume responsibility for this. If you think that we might have collected data of a sub-16 person, please contact us at privacy@crazycamp.org

Why do we collect these data?
The Association collects your personal data with the following aim:
-processing of your contributions and payments
-Sending Newsletters or other means of promotion and information
-Contact you by phone or e-mail if that is required for the execution of our activities
-To inform you about changes in our services or activities
-To create your user account for our participants’ forum
-To deliver goods and services to you
-To make your participation in our activities possible
-To facilitate the optimisation of our provision of information and promotion
-The Association analyses your use of the web site with the aim to improve the web site and the offer of information and activities.
-Audiovisual material can also be used for the promotion of the organisation and its activities. If you have objections against being recognisable in that material, you can object against publication by sending an email to privacy@crazycamp.org, specifying which audiovisuals/pictures you have objections against.

Automated decisions
The Association does not make use of automated processing of data for making decisions that can have (considerable) impact on humans.

The Association does not keep data longer than necessary for the realisation of the aims for with the data have been collected.
We store the following data for the following periods:
-Your name and a list of our activities that you have participated in: 10 years
-Your other data: 5 years
Both start counting from the end of the last activity of our organisation that you participated in.
These periods are based on the experience that many participants come back to more of our activities at a given moment.

Sharing of your data with third parties
The Association does not sell your data to third parties and will provide third parties with your data only if this is necessary for the execution of the activity/activities that we agreed with you or if legally required, eg. in case of registration for tourist taxes.

We make Data Processing Agreements with third parties that we commission data processing to in order to assure a similar level of security and confidentiality. the Association remains responsible for these processings.

We cooperate with the following data processors:

Versio BV, web host, hosts the databases that serve as a back end for our web site and forum as well as the email server where our email correspondences with you are stored as well as the data that you shared through web site forms with us. Please find the Data Processing Agreement here; it is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions that you are agreeing with. The document is in Dutch; it is pretty much a standard Data Processing Agreement, stating how they protect the data against hackers etc.

Google, web site statistics (Google Analytics). Please find the Data Processing Agreement here; it is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions that you are agreeing with.

The Association sometimes publishes information about activities on Facebook.com and Meetup.com. At this moment (June 2018) it is unclear if laws require the establishment of a Data Processing Agreement with these parties. It is likely that these publications are juridically covered by the individual agreement of users with the Term of Use of these platforms.

Cookies and similar technologies
The Association uses functional, analytic and tracking cookies.

Functional cookies enable the web site to work properly in a technical sense (eg. log-in in the forum; keep your preferences)
These are:
-‘Cookie’- cookie registers if you have agreed to the use of cookies (at your first visit of the site)
-Account cookies (if you have an account for the web site or for the forum) register your account ID, and help us honour your UI preferences, indicate what forum threads you haven’t read yet, etc.

Analytic cookies enable us to analyse your navigation on our site, and allow us to optimise the usability of our web site. These are:
-Piwik/Matomo cookies (web site statistics)

On our web site there are also third-party (tracking) cookies:
-Google Analytics (web site statistics)
-on pages that contain external content, the originating web sites place cookies. This is the case eg. with embedded video’s and images from Youtube.com, Facebook.com, Instagram.com and Vimeo.com.

This is the situation as per June 6, 2018. It can not be excluded that other cookies were placed before the GDPR came into force.

Access, modify or delete your data
You have the right to access, modify or delete the data that the Association keeps of you. Also you can withdraw your agreement with the Association concerning processing your data, or object against it. Please address any such a request to privacy@crazycamp.org. As we have to ensure that it is effectively you that files the request, please add a copy of your ID/passport to your request (and make sure that you blurred the Machine Readable Zone, your ID photo, and your burgerservicenummer/National Insurance Number etc. are blurred or otherwise made unreadable). The Association will respond to your request ASAP and in any case within 4 weeks.

Data Security
The Association puts in place suitable and appropriate security measures for your personal data and manage your personal data in accordance with the appropriate regulations. In case of doubt or if you have indications of abuse or misuse of your data, please contact us at privacy@crazycamp.org.

End of Privacy Statement

Cancellation policies
In order to claim your place in one of the association’s events you will have to make an advance payment, the amount of which depends on the event and will be communicated with you after review of your application. Should the association cancel the activity, than you will get your full advance payment back unless you want to use it as advance payment for another future event. If YOU cancel your participation, you will get your full advance payment back (minus evt. bank transfer fees) if the number of paying participants for the event reaches the target number of participants and the association receives your cancellation not later than 5 days before the event.

The remaining amount you will pay cash at the moment that the event commences.

Articles of the Association
The event or activity that you are applying for cq. participating in is organised by the Association. When you participate in one of our events, you become Temporary Member of the Association for the duration of that event. When you apply for- or participate in an event of the Association, you agree to comply to the Articles of the Association; the relevant parts of which are translated here. As the Association is registered in The Netherlands and is subject to Dutch laws, the full Articles of Association are in Dutch. The translation presented here is accurate but not official. In case of a dispute the original Dutch text is binding (ask us if you want a copy). More info.

Article 2 Objects
1. The objects of the Association are:
a. the practice of non-competitive mountain sports
b. the promotion of mutual understanding between people and nations, of ecological awareness and of community spirit, through the practice of mountain sports
c. the promotion of interaction between the members
2. The Association endeavours to achieve these objects by organising and/or facilitating meetings in which people of diverse backgrounds engage in mountain sports activities together and by organising (or participating in) activities that promote mutual understanding between people and nations, ecological awareness or community spirit by other means.

From Article 3 Membership
1. Members
Member of the Association may be natural persons or legal entities who endorse the objectives and articles of association and that intend to effectively contribute to or participate in activities of the association. Membership can not be transferred to another person or entity.
The Association is composed of the following classes of member: permanent members and temporary members.
a. A permanent member is the natural person or legal entity that has been admitted as such by the Board.
b. A temporary member is the natural person or legal entity that has been admitted as such by the Board, in order to participate in the activities as stated in article 2.2, for the duration of the corresponding activity.
Membership is personal and therefore not transferable.
2. Application and acceptance as member
Members shall be those natural persons or legal entities who have applied for membership to the board and have been admitted as such to the Association by the board. If admission is refused by the board the general meeting may resolve on admission as yet.
3. Members Register
The secretary of the Board shall keep a register of members with the names, addresses and other relevant information of all the members.

From Article 4 End of membership
1. The membership ends:
a. after expiration of the agreed period of temporary membership (in case of temporary membership) also without explicit notice
b. by death of the member
c. by the member’s resignation
d. by cancellation by the Association
e. by expulsion of the member by the Association.
Temporary membership can not be terminated if the membership period has already begun.

From Article 6 Rights and obligations
6. The members are obligated to behave towards each other and towards the Association in a reasonable and fair manner.
7. The members are required:
a. to comply with the articles and bylaws of the Association as well as with the resolutions of the Board, the General Assembly or other bodies of the Association.
b. to not harm the interests of the Association

Article 22 Liability
The activities as described in Article 2 paragraph 2 usually come with an increased risk of injuries and/or accidents. It is the members own risk to participate in any of these activities and the member is always responsible for his/her own risk assessments and security measures.
The Association can not be held liable by a member or by a third party for damage in conjunction with an accident, injury or other that might be related to participation in the aforementioned activities or meetings.
The Association is not liable for loss of, or damage to property of participants.
The member is liable for damage which he/she inflicts, by guilt or intent (including negligence), on property of the Association, its members, third parties or the rented accommodations.

June 6, 2018