This is your chance to influence when in summer 2024 Crazy Camps will happen!

By submitting this form, you can influence what dates I will choose for Crazy Camps in the summer of 2024. I really appreciate your input!

Here you can fill in which would be your preferred week(s), your possible-but-not-ideal-week(s), and your impossible-weeks.

Please notice that this form is about weeks, not about the exact dates. It also includes the weekend before.

So for example the option 'Week 28 (8-14 July)' actually represents "a 6 nights Crazy Camp in the period from Saturday 6 July until Sunday 14 July" This could be eg. 6-12 July, or 7-13, or 8-14 July.
Filling in your name and email is optional, but useful so that I can get back to you in case I have questions or remarks :)
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