The Crazy Camp Sauna Upgrade

Some of you know the portable Crazy Camp Slow Sauna that I bring to some of the Crazy Camps. There is a video about it below. Thanks to this project, you can enjoy the sauna experience in places where that would usually not have been possible. I built it myself, and over the years, the design has improved a lot. But some time ago, it became clear that the current version of the sauna has some severe drawbacks.

1. The stove’s capacity is not sufficient in extreme cold or a lot of wind in winter.
2. The insulation layer is cumbersome to be transported and unpractical for setting up the sauna
3. The chimney is too big for the sauna, and it is rusty/dirty and too bulky for transport

The Plan

So I took up the plan to build a new and bigger stove, made from better material, assembled in a better way, and with a more practical stainless steel chimney. Furthermore, I would love to remake the insulation layer to make it more manageable.

It would be so awesome if you could help me with this! Your physical help is very welcome for the stove, especially if you know about metalwork or flux core welding. I’m doing this work at home (close to Amsterdam), so that’s where you would have to be as well. As for the insulation layer: if you are good at sewing or have experience with/genius ideas about the assembly of textiles, I’m looking for you! If you are not near Amsterdam, I could maybe go to your area for a couple of days, or you could come here.

And if you cannot contribute with physical help, a financial contribution is also very welcome! I expect to spend around EUR 500 on this sauna upgrade. Any small or significant amount that you might want to contribute will be much appreciated! The easiest way would be trough this link: (and you can change the amount).

If you would first like to have some additional information or if you simply want to follow the progress of the sauna project without contributing: send me a message, and I will keep you in the loop :)