The Crazy Camp Slow Sauna

On some Crazy Camps, I bring the portable Slow Sauna with us to our mountain hut. This winter this incredible sauna will also make pop-up appearances at odd places! Join if you want to experience a relaxing evening with like-minded people.

The Crazy Camp Slow Sauna at your festival or event?

Slow Sauna Experience: Elevate Your Festival’s Vibe

?✨ Introducing the Slow Sauna Experience ✨?

Amidst the vibrancy of a festival, the soul often craves moments of serenity, grounding, and connection. Our Slow Sauna, tailor-made for conscious seekers, is your festival’s tranquil haven. Dive into an experience that unites the gentle embrace of warmth with soulful conversations, creating a beautiful mosaic of memories for your attendees.

Why Our Slow Sauna?

  • Heartfelt Connection: A space that can accommodate up to 8 people, fostering intimate exchanges and new friendships
  • Natural Rhythms: Unlike the rush of modern saunas, ours is a dance of gradual heat, guided by the rhythms of a wood stove, allowing for longer, more meditative sessions
  • A Multisensory Journey: The soft crackle of burning wood, the scent of fresh timber, the gentle heat enveloping the body – a symphony for the senses
  • Authentic Presence: Your attendees are not just experiencing a sauna, but also the passion and expertise of a dedicated facilitator

Harmony with Festival Themes

Our Slow Sauna aligns seamlessly with festivals centered on yoga, contact improv, personal development, conscious sexuality, tantra, authentic relating, the outdoors, soulful music and so on. It’s more than just a relaxation space; it’s a sanctuary for the soul.

Eco-Conscious Ethos

In keeping with the spirit of sustainability that many conscious festivals embrace, our sauna is designed to have minimal environmental impact, ensuring that we give back more than we take.

Bring the Slow Sauna Experience to Your Festival ✨ Let’s co-create an unforgettable sanctuary, enhancing the overall festival experience for your attendees and introducing them to new depths of connection.

? For inquiries and collaborations, connect with us today. Let’s weave magic together. ?