Personal Development

Swimming during a Crazy Mountain Camp

Play and Grow!

Amazing locations in spectacular landscapes, mixed international groups, lots of fun and meaningful activities? Join!

A new category of Crazy Camps: those that are dedicated to Personal Development. Less emphasis on mountains and hiking/skiing etc.; more emphasis on fun and meaningful workshops and exercises that are intended to support your personal development. The perfect retreat for ‘playing like a child, and growing as a person at the same time’ as one of the participants expressed it :)

Crazy Sensual Journey Camp 2018Crazy Sensual Journey Camp 2018 September 15 – 22, 2018 : exploring our Senses through fun and meaningful workshops; swimming in our pool and in mountain streams, hiking… Happiness in the astonishing hills of Tuscany in Italy! A co-creation with Sprout Love and Yani Verse of Intimacy Unleashed. Read more