Acknowledge your needs, honor your body
Free online workshop on how to write Your Operating Manual
– so that you can fine tune your moods, manage your energy, feel balance and satisfaction! 
During a recent Crazy Camp, while hiking with Julia (who has attended several times), she told me about a system that she developed on how to ‘read’ her body and how to understand at any moment which need her body is expressing. And with that tool, she can for example (fine) tune her activity of the moment, in order to avoid stress, fatigue, anxiety etc.
I was totally fascinated by what she told me, so I asked her if she could do a workshop about her ‘personal operating manual’ as she calls it. So here we go!

 Creating your own manual for how to maintain balance in your life

Do you have any 2024 aims? If not, a great one that helps create positive outcomes in unexpected ways (or can stops negative outcomes!) is to know how to create and maintain balance in your life. 

I have been interested in observing my own balance for a few years now. I was always criticised to be ‘doing too much’ and, whilst this was often true, I didn’t see the disadvantage of ‘making the most out of life’ until I was forced to pay close attention and learn about how important this is when I had a burn-out. Since then, I have realised it is not only important to pay attention, but also how you can shift your balance consciously, and I have created a simple manual for myself. Simple yet effective. Join me during this workshop as I walk you through my manual and how to create your own

On 30 January at 20:00 Central European time, Julia is hosting the ‘My Operating Manual’ workshop!
This free online event is open for all members of the Crazy Camp community; you do have to register though, here below.
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We’re looking forward to sharing time with you!

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