The second Crazy Snow Camp took place in Austria from saturday March 24, 2012 till saturday March 31, 2012. Skiing, snowboarding, crazy group games, sauna. We had a blast on the mountain!

Past Event: Crazy Snow Camp 2012 Austria Edition
date March 24 till March 31, 2012
duration 7 days/nights
location Austria, see description
accomodation mountain hut
group fun
target # of participants 14

This event has taken place in 2012 and therefore is history. So you can not sign up for this event anymore

We will be in a chalet just for ourselves in the middle of a skiing area in Austria, not in a village but on the mountain, and you can only get there by skiing/snowboarding! (Luggage will be brought by snowscooter) In the evening we will organise crazy group games, dance party, every evening sauna etc. In the daytime there will be flash mob style assignments – and a lot of snow fun, obviously.


The chalet is at an altitude of almost 2000 meters. As it can only be reached by ski or snowboard (not really by foot and definetely not by car) this event is not really suitable for people who never skied/boarded before. If this applies to you but you really want to come, you’ll have to take some course beforehand in a ski area near you or in an indoor snow centre.
Distance from München airport 160 km, Memmingen airport at 150km, Innsbruck airport at 50 km, Zürich airport at 250km. Train stops few kilometers away. From The Netherlands and NRW there is a ride share available, approx. EUR 50 two-way per person. Most probably, as time passes by, ride shares from other directions will be added.


The ski area is not super big and not super small. There are several chair lifts and ropeways and a gondola lift. Also a fun park. All slopes have snow cannons so usually all lifts and slopes are open till easter at least.


The chalet consists of 3 group bedrooms, kitchen, showers and toilets, living room, dining room, and there is a separate wooden sauna outside!. And a nice terrace in front of the house with view on the slopes. There will be max. 14 people in our group. Clothing is optional (except in the sauna obviously, where for reasons of hygiene it is not permitted to wear anything – so no swimwear or underwear either). In general you will not have a lot of privacy. No smoking in the house.


There is space and time for workshop-like activities, so if you would like to share some of your knowledge or skills, feel free! Maybe you want to teach us some capoeira, do a photo session, or make us sing the traditionals of your native culture? Just some ideas… it really can be anything. Another fun activity that we’ll be doing together is… cooking! (and cleaning afterwards…)


If we complete 14 people, price for one week is EUR 245 per person for accommodation and food. That is cheap! Also the ski passes in this area are rather cheap (170 Euro for 6 days). However, don’t come if you are only interested in an affordable winter holiday. The Crazy Snow Camp is all about the group, spending fun evenings together, doing crazy games, etc.


If you are a couple, please understand that in the Crazy Snow Camp you can not behave like a couple. Subject to availability, you can get a double room if you want (in general the rooms are allocated through a lottery) but apart from that, you are expected to participate in all activities and group life as individuals and not as a couple. Yes you will be hugging – in the numerous group hugs! So be prepared to sit each at the other side of the group table during dinner, and accept that someone else than yourself might be giving a salt scrub to your partner in the sauna.


If you want to participate in this event, then you’re out of luck… It is a past event! Please check out the upcoming Crazy Mountain Camps or Crazy Snow Camps! And if you sign up for the newsletter I’ll keep you updated about new Crazy Camps.

Confirmed participants Crazy Snow Camp Austria 2012 Edition

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