The Crazy Camp Slow Sauna

On some Crazy Camps, I bring the portable Slow Sauna with us to our mountain hut. This winter this incredible sauna will also make pop-up appearances at odd places! Join if you want to experience a relaxing evening with like-minded people.

How does the Crazy Camp Slow Sauna work?

Looking from the outside, it almost looks like a regular party tent. Only… there is a chimney sticking out! Inside, there is a cubicle that is the actual sauna space. It consists of a frame, covered with several layers of wool blankets. Not quite vegan as such, but they are second hand blankets that were saved from scrapping. And when I made* the sauna, I was vegetarian, not vegan :)

Inside there are two wooden benches, and in the middle there is an actual wood stove. The stove is a simplified rocket stove and therefore relatively clean and efficient.

The cubicle can accommodate eight people; if you really push it, it can be up to 11.

* Indeed I made the whole thing by myself, with the exception of the outer tent. So the design and creation of the cubicle, the design and creation (metalwork) of the wood stove, etc.

How is your experience?

The Crazy Camp Slow Sauna is a slow sauna, because you’ll spend much more time inside than in a regular (Finnish) sauna. This because the temperature isn’t as high as in a regular sauna. So it’s not an instant-sweat experience. It’s way more zen and relaxing. And social, it’s a great environment for having a good conversation.

Unwind, connect, feel good. That’s what you do in the Crazy Camp Slow Sauna. And afterwards, you go outside and jump into the fresh snow if there is, or run some rounds to feel the wind chill on your skin! Lovely.

The Crazy Camp Slow Sauna in your garden?

Please reach out to me if it would be possible to have the sauna at you birthday party, solstice celebration, or yoga weekend :)