The Crazy Creative Beach Camp will take place in the south of beautiful Montenegro! June 26 till July 1, 2014. Sun, sea, nature, crazy games, swimming at midnight, epic fun!

This Crazy Camp is CANCELLED because of lack of interest. Check out the upcoming Crazy Mountain Camps!

 Crazy Creative Beach Camp Montenegro 2014 Edition
 June 26 till July 1st, 2014
 5 days/nights
 Southern Montenegro, at the Adriatic coast
 group tent
personal privacy
group fun
target # of participants


We will be at a remote beach on an island in the south of Montenegro right at the coast of the Adriatic Sea. We will be having a wide range of activities including standard beach fun (swimming, snorkeling, ball games, having a tan) and crazy group games; also we’ll cook and eat together, do some meditations and we will unlock our creativity by doing photography sessions, theatre, video, storytelling, building installations, painting etc. You are not creative? Don’t worry, this camp will give you inspiration – and you will give inspiration to others. Surprise yourself! We will be cleaning the beach during a couple of hours as our little contribution to a better world. The Crazy Beach Camp will be an intense and unique experience!


We will have our tent at an isolated beach, far away from the noise and rumble of cities and villages, in the middle of beautiful nature. We’ll have the beach more or less for ourselves; the closest facilities (a restaurant, a camp site etc.) are at some 2 kilometers (walking over the beach – cars can’t reach our Crazy Camp site) and only few people make it to our corner of the island. At 9 kilometers there is a small village; from there 8 kilometers to a bigger village with bus connections.
Small print: this is ‘wild camping’. Officially it is not permitted, but it is tolerated. Should this policy change, than we’ll have to adapt. This might also happen if we judge that the planned place is not suitable for camping, eg. because of animals. The alternative is that we will be at the official camping place on the same island. This place is extremely simple and will be almost empty because we will be there before the start of the season.



We will live a simple life in our camp. There is a group tent for sleeping (there will be more group tents if the number of participants is to big for one tent) and ‘under the tarp’ will be our improvised kitchen and ‘living room’. We will dig a toilet in the sand. The fresh water that we bring with us will be the only fresh water available. Please do not expect luxury things like comfort, privacy or mobile network coverage. There will be max. 18 people in our group. Clothing is optional (faq). No smoking in the tents or under the tarp. Bring a sleeping bag and a mattress. Do not bring your own tent – sleeping is in the group tent(s). I will try to bring a small generator for one hour of charging camera batteries etc. per day.

Unlock your creativity!

Part of the days will be dedicated to making art together. We’ll be doing some creative warming ups to get the flow going. Every day we will create a small work of art in different disciplines such as theatre, drawing, music, photography and video – and combining them. If you are not an artist, or if you even consider yourself to be a non-creative person, don’t worry: for sure you have a memory, a gesture or an expression that can add to the inspiration. You will be surprised by how you, as a ‘non-creative’ person, will be part of a creative process! In general, the real goal of this all is not the art that we create. The real goal is to train our creativity.

Other activities

We might make once or twice an excursion to one (or two) of the many spectacular places that Montenegro has to offer, such as historic villages, Roman ruins, mountain monasteries, abandoned complexes from Yugoslav times, nature reserves…
Ah and this part of the Adria is known as a good spot for wind surfing and kite surfing, so if you’re into that, bring your gear.



There is space and time for workshop-like activities, so if you would like to share some of your knowledge or skills, feel free! Maybe you want to teach us some capoeira or make us sing the traditionals of your native culture? Just some ideas… it really can be anything.


If we complete 10 people, price for these five days/nights is € 145 per person for accommodation (your place in the tent – but bring a mattress sand sleeping bag), food (that we will cook together) and fun. If we complete 18 people, the price will go down to € 110. That is cheap! However, don’t come if you are only interested in an affordable holiday. The Crazy Beach Camp is all about the group, spending fun evenings together, doing crazy games, and enjoying the beach together!
It seems that sometimes an entrance fee is charged to enter the island; that fee is not included (should be some € 2-3 per person).
If you join the Crazy Mountain Camp Montenegro as well, you get € 20 reduction on the total.


If you are a couple, please understand that in the Crazy Mountain Camp you can not behave like a couple. In general the sleeping places are allocated through a lottery (faq). And you are expected to participate in all activities and group life as individuals and not as a couple. Yes you will be hugging – in the numerous group hugs! So be prepared to sit each at the other side of the group during dinner, and accept that someone else than yourself might be putting sun lotion on your partner’s back.

How to get there

The nearest international airports are Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik and Tirana. From there you can reach the village at 16km from our camp with one or two buses. I will pick you up from that village. The last 2 kilometers we’ll have to walk.

To Benelux (and NRW – Munich) there is a ride share available, approx. EUR 70 one way per person (the From Benelux etc. ride will take place before the Crazy Mountain Camp Montenegro). Most probably, as time passes by, ride shares from other directions will be added (If you come from France/Italy, taking the ferry Bari > Bar might be a good option also).

Amongst others, citizens of the EU, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, the USA, Turkey, ex-YU, Albania and Australia don’t need visa to visit Montenegro – but please check this yourself.

Don’t miss these 5 crazy days and nights at the beach!


If you want to participate in this event, then you are out of luck. I cancelled it because to few people signed up for it. Please sign up for the newsletter and I’ll keep you updated about the other upcoming Crazy Camps.

Apetite for a starter? How about some mountains?

Montenegro has so much to offer! Before enjoying the beach, there is the possibility to enjoy the mountains! From June, 21 till June, 26 the Crazy Mountain Camp will take place in the Durmitor National Park in the north of Montenegro.