Reduce your travel footprint

Are you ready to embark on a journey that not only enriches your soul but also cares for our precious planet? Say goodbye to conventional travel and hello to a more sustainable way of exploring the world. Let’s trade extravagant hotels for eco-friendly accommodations, and hectic tourist attractions for serene natural wonders. Join us as we discover the beauty of simplicity and the joy of genuine connections while being very friendly the environment!

The Crazy Camp adventures are designed to minimise our environmental footprint and maximize the thrill and satisfaction of our experience together. On every Crazy Camp description page there is a chapter about how big or small the impact is. By choosing to participate in a Crazy Camp, you choose a conscious way of spending your time.

Here are some suggestions on how you can further reduce your environmental footprint in the context of mountain adventures:

  • The easiest way to reduce the environmental impact of your participation is by choosing your means of transport. Come by train, or join a ride share with fellow participants or through blablacar or online groups. Avoid flying. Avoid driving alone. The network of night trains in Europe is growing and growing, a great way to travel! If you need assistance in finding the best prices, please reach out to me.
  • Don’t buy fresh clothes for your trip. First of all, forget about fashion. At a Crazy Camp, no one will judge you for your looks. You will enchant us with your personality. If there is a hole in your ski pants, just patch it. If there is a piece of clothing that you really need, find it in a second hand store or at a clothes swap. Also, I (Klaas) have a modest stock of clothes that I might be able to borrow out to you (depending on size).
  • Don’t bring synthetic soaps, shampoo with nanoplastics, etc.. A piece of vegan Savon de Marseille / Aleppo soap / hard soap or what ever you call it, will do perfectly for skin, hair and clothes.
  • Bring a simple set of clothes to wear in the hut (t-shirt and jogging pants for example, or PJ). Put your shirts of the daytime in a place where they can catch some wind, before bringing them inside for the evening. This way your clothes stay fresh enough to use them without washing and without the need to bring lots of clothes.

And extra for winter trips:

  • Don’t buy new gear for the Crazy Camp. Find second hand gear or ask around in your friends circle; maybe you can borrow. Or rent it. Also, I (Klaas) have a small stock of gear that I might be able to borrow out to you (depending on size).
    • However, the foam in snowboard boots tends to disintegrate over time, so don’t use very old ones; they might break during the week.
  • Use ‘natural’ wax for your ski’s or snowboard. Traditional wax leaves fluorocarbons and/or nanoplastics behind. Do some research and don’t put just any wax.

Clothes swap?!

It would be fantastic if you would organise a clothes swap for hiking- or winter sports-clothes in your home town! Be it for your friends, or public. I can actively support you with that. Send me a message or use the contact form and we’ll make it happen!