There is a life changing adventure waiting for you!

What makes Crazy Camps unique?

  • International and very mixed groups
  • Unique remote locations in the heart of nature
  • Cooking, eating & cleaning together
  • Fun and meaningful group activities
  • No sticky couples
  • All your emotions are welcome
  • No pressure to “fit in”
  • Deep connections

Crazy Camps are group adventures for individuals. “Come as you are” is our core value. Crazy Camps strive to be a judgement free environment where you are welcome with the ‘easy’ sides of your personality and the ‘challenging’ parts of your personality. You will experience peer inspiration rather than peer pressure!


Crazy Snow Balance Camp general visual

Crazy Snow Balance Camp 2024 How would it feel to enjoy the snow, together with people that value your authenticity?
Conscious winter sports in an empty valley, meditation, yoga and bodywork…
Do you feel the temptation?
Be part of this transformative experience!
February 17 until February 23, 2024 

≡ Choose this one for the most zen, most exciting and most immersive experience. ≡



Personal development – Fun? Or a chore?

I have often found myself grappling with the concept of personal development. On the one hand, the idea of improving oneself and one’s life can seem appealing or even a manifest goal. But the suggestion that one is somehow not good enough in their present state, sucks.

This can be especially true for those of us who already face marginalization in society and the pressures of conforming to certain norms and expectations.

But what if personal development were less about becoming “better” or “perfect,” and more about returning to our most authentic selves? Continue reading my blog post…

“The Crazy Camp is one of those unique places where you can play like a child, and grow as a person at the same time.”
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