Crazy Mountain Camps

Swimming during a Crazy Mountain Camp

Get ready for amazing Crazy Mountain Camps in 2018!

Mountain hiking, swimming in mountain lakes, being part of an international group doing fun stuff in a uniquely located chalet on the mountain? Join!

Common characteristics of all Crazy Mountain Camps are for example:
International and very mixed group · Cooking, eating & cleaning together · Crazy group games · No sticky couples · Lots of fun · Very affordable

Crazy Mountain CampCrazy Mountain Camp July 24 – 29, 2018: Crazy Mountain Camp in an amazing location high in the mountains in eastern Switzerland. Mountain hiking, crazy group games, swimming in wild mountain lakes, simplicity… Vegan & Natural High. Read more


Crazy Mountain Balance CampCrazy Mountain Balance Camp August 12 till 18/19, 2018: Crazy Mountain Balance Camp in an amazing remote valley high in the mountains in Switzerland. Mountain hiking, Yoga and meditations, crazy group games, hot tub, swimming in wild mountain lakes – this adventure will bring you back in balance! Read more

The 2018 Crazy Mountain Camp program is not yet complete.

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Next upcoming Crazy Camps:
July 24-29, 2018
Crazy Mountain Camp
Grisons, Switzerland
August 12-19, 2018
Crazy Mountain Balance Camp
Central Switzerland
February 3-9, 2019
Crazy Snow Balance Camp
East Switzerland
March 10-16, 2019
Crazy Snow Camp
Central Switzerland
In the new category Personal Development:
September 15-22, 2018
Crazy Sensual Journey Camp
Tuscany, Italy
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